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6 May

The new spring products are in! Check out my line of fun notebooks and cards for the muggles and the magickal! Charm Boutique at Zazzle has some great merch for game time, the planner, artist, writer, cook, daydreamer, witch or whoever you want to gift it to or even yourself. This is the OG tagline, and it will stay around, follow or join email list to stay informed of new products launching each season. Click this link @MimiSoul | Linktree to find the merch, the shop, and the socials! Thanks bunches! Also here is a review of the spring Charm subscription box bought during the Easter to 4/20 bundle special by the beautiful Charm babe MeliSandra<3

Imposter Among Us

20 Mar

Also check out the last series on magickal substitutions, @charm_como Instagram, for items or tools when you aren’t near metaphysical shops, can’t order online, or can’t afford at the moment. So many folks got some great ideas they never considered to empower themselves and their intentions.

Happy Spring coolbeanz and cool witches💐💚💛💙✨

Wounded Healer

25 Jan

Called the “matriarch & queen mother of black dance” Katherine Dunham was a dancer, choreographer, author, educator, anthropologist, social activist, and creator of the Dunham Technique. She maintained a self supported travelling dance group (Katherine Dunham Dance Company) even when colorist tried to change her dancer lineup, they were denied lodging in Brazil over racism, and helped gang members heal through dance and music when Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. Studying from Jamaica to Haiti researching Shango, West Indian culture, Vodun rituals, many cultures and dance movement to remedy the miseducation and false representation of African culture to Black Americans. She did this through hunger strikes ( supported by Debbie Allen, Dick Gregory and more), press, books, teaching, and most importantly dance! “My job is to create a useful legacy” she once said and I wholeheartedly believe in this and that she did! Born in Chicago, Illinois she later opened a dance school (her first was opened before graduating high school) and museum in East Saint Louis, which my cousins and I attended when we were young (3-16)! This healing oil (recipe in previous post) is just that. *Side note it was created for irritation I had on my own foot that nothing else had worked for for nearly a year now- I made this, applied and saw relief and results immediately! And realize now that I used one of my fave dancers as the icon and I used for my own 👣 #dancerstool ✨Full recipe available on Instagram @charm_como, however, if you’d like let me know and a batch can be made for you. I create all Charm ✨ items as needed and in small batches. This is one of three products created for the Winter products line; see you in February- 💙✨Emalie

Katherine Dunham inspired healing salve

Cleaning Out the Broom Closet

15 Dec

This Fall collection was all about working your magick in private for those who don’t want to draw attention to their magick workings or share a space with people who don’t understand your spiritual and metaphysical purpose! Released on the Autumn equinox, there are cleansing sprays for those who can’t use smoke or fire, spell cakes for when you share a space or need to leave a spell working safely, intention and healing oils made from plants and oils that are chemical free, vegan, and non-toxic; herbs, and incense powders to help you focus and connect with divine guidance, get unblocked, getting over your fears or getting out of your own way.

Magick to some is only prayer, faith, and maybe a candle. Well at Charm we step it up a notch with some traditional root work and modern witchcraft. The craft in action is energy, alchemy of intentions and ingredients & the work you then do or channels you open to attract or bring the change you desire within your life or around situations. From simply changing the energy of the room or your own mood to creating an environment of empowerment, protection, partnerships, tranquility, and abundance! Your practice is your own so combine with your own spells, prayers, and deities as you see fit to enhance your efforts.

You can stay up to date, find more tips and recipes for you to create, find out more about the inspiration icon for each product, and how to use them on the Charm Instagram @charm_como or the Etsy shop Charm Boutique X Emalie.

A special thank you to all the new subscribers and those liking and sharing these posts! I so appreciate the support and welcome to the tribe<3 Stay tuned for the up coming Winter release!

Alcohol Magick

26 Jul

Alcohol Magic! IG @charm_como July 2021

Over on the Charm Instagram account we have been sharing the plant magic that is instilled into alcohol for use in not only altars and offerings to deities. From beer to vodka and all the spirits in between, you can use the distilled and fermented plant energy in spells. I have given not only the intentions and energies for each alcohol but also some spells or aromatherapy recipes to utilize in your life to bring about the desired changes! Here are the first seven lessons and we’re still going strong with a wine bottle project for today! I can’t wait to see some of the creations *Go follow for more magic school, vintage fun, and natural products to be made or purchased! Fall collection is on its way…

Don’t forget to check the Zazzle store for notebooks and journals to help manifest the life you desire! Record your dreams or even write the lists that drive your productivity! Zazzle has discount codes EVERY DAY so you never pay full price and still support us artists! Today get from 30% off with the code for today CYBERMONJULY. -> Charm Boutique

Also, check out the new YouTube channel, CharmingSounds, for the sounds of the Charm Boutique (if and when we become a brick and mortar shop, but for now just in your online mind lol). Let me know what type of playlist you want (rain/city sounds/ both/music) and it could be the next upload! Uploads every Wednesday.

Six Produce Items that Bleach the Skin!

14 Jul

IG post @charm_como 6/25/21

When researching products not only for personal use but also for sale in the boutique, I started to notice that if not careful I could end up with products that could be harmful as far as allergy (remember me, the girl with all the allergies lol) as well as derogatorily. While the shift has been happening to love your skin, brown and darker skin tones have often been the thing to get rid of in some cultures, media, and especially advertising. I love this ad (Instagram post) because, to my reading, it not once mentions lightening of the skin as an attribute. Most often the terms “fair” or “bright” are used to denote lighter skin. They have brown skin models and did not do the stereotypical brightening of the photos either in the final print or as a before or after as we all have seen in many vintage, and sadly modern advertisements.
There are ingredients that naturally lighten the skin but I do not want to sacrifice my moral stance on the idea that lighter is better, for the sake of cost. I pay for natural, organic, vegan, and clean ingredients to make my products. The spring Charm box used a natural goat soap from a local Missouri soap maker. I wanted to add a different and aesthetic soap to the summer box but came to a saddening realization. Many of the low cost wholesale soaps I looked at included these ingredient or promoted and some promoted it as a lightener. As a fragrance it won’t be an issue but the active ingredient it could with continuous use change ones appearance. Even expensive products have the underlying effect and the description to be “fairer, brighter, lighter…” pay attention that you may be unintentionally lightening your skin. Some products you may be using to spot treat dark pigmentation spots, but using on the whole face (or body as seen in an Nigerian promo stripping the skin) can bleach your skin fully. Of course you can replenish by getting some sun rays for a while, not over doing it to the point you fry your skin constantly. But just be aware of what could be causing changes in your skin tones appearance without your knowledge, just as Meagan Good found out about a product her esthetician was using on her.
These fruits and vegetables have often be used to lighten skin naturally:

  1. Tomato has lycopene and is an anti-oxidant that repairs skin and protects from UV rays. As a consistent face wash with honey, or with sugar as an exfoliant, it can brighten skin.
  2. Lemon is well known to be a skin lightening fruit with its citric acid and Vitamin C. As a slice rub, wash, or spray many use to bleach their skin.
  3. Carrots were a major ingredient and main component of the skin lightening products I came across in my search for soaps. Carrot is very beneficial to use for skin diseases, impurities, nutritional health, and more a main use is to lighten skin by the Beta carotene that converts to Vitamin A and naturally reduce your melanin.
  4. Papaya is another fruit used in face masks as a bleach with its Vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids, and papain which lightens skin and pigmentation.
  5. Orange, in face masks and orange juice ice cube rubs when used to lighten skin, has a high amount of Vitamin C to lighten scars and pigmentation, like lemon.
  6. Strawberry has Vitamin C and ellagic acids which promote fair skin in a paste or blended face pack.
    While these produce items are not the only ones that have lightening properties they are the most commonly used. It is important to note that these fruits also have important nutrients that promote skin health, cleanliness, protect, smooth, improve and maintain skin texture. Just be aware that they also have the ability to change your external appearance as well and that the claim to “bring back your glow” might just mean “make you brighter”, which does not mean better.

Summer Charm Box Ready to Order!

21 Jun

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Goddess Vibes Outside the Bath

17 Jun

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How To Use Salt In the Garden

20 May

How to Make Natural Weed Killer! @charm_como Instagram 5/4/21

Witches have been sharing the good advice to stop using salt in the grass (for those that cast circles outdoors) or tossing out if used in protection mixes in common or public areas. Well, turn that info on its head & use that salt as a natural weed killer! Now, many see what others label “weeds” as flowers too, however, some folks have a specific aesthetic for their yard or garden that these type of plants don’t fit into. We’ve seen how harmful to humans and pets toxic weed killers actually are, causing sickness and sometimes death. Instead use this simple concoction to prevent weed growth. Of course you can just sprinkle the salt at the roots, but if you want to eradicate a large area of tall weeds here is a mix to do the trick.

*Note: no grass or flowers will grow where used so be intentional about where it is sprayed.*

1 gallon white vinegar

1 cup salt (mix into water- table, Epsom, or rock salt will work)

Dissolve 1 tablespoon dish/castille soap (surfactant, helps mix stick to the weed)

Spray for few days until the weeds die off. This is for a large batch but can decrease for smaller areas.

Follow on IG for more vintage inspo and natural tips! Shop for oils, florals, herbs, and roots in the Etsy store! Spring collection retires May 26th.

How To Make An Herbal Infusion #charm

9 May

Check out the video link below to watch how I make an herbal infusion batch of Charm Multipurpose Cologne Oil.  So satisfying mixing up a potion of Charm✨ This batch, once essential oils are added, is charged by the new moon & near selenite for divine charged energy!  The florals for attraction in Charm✨ are:
🌹 Rose petals for love, passion, and loving opportunities, friendships or relationships
💮Calendula a great attraction floral for abundance and attention/recognition, great for block buster and money rituals
⚫Juniper Berry for protection, seduction/virility, and positive energy
⭐Star Anise is a seed of abundance and wealth attraction and protects against negative energy
🍇Grapeseed oil is healing for rough skin, scars, and is antifungal

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